Virginia Department of Emergency Management

VDEM_LogoThe CRA Team has supported the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) exercise and training program since 2005 by providing five on-site exercise liaisons to the Commonwealth’s seven emergency management regions, a program management staff overseeing three separate exercise contracts, a full-time training help desk support team, and up to three teams of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) exercise experts. CRA has worked in partnership with each community, city, county, region, and selected State agencies to develop multi-year training and exercise plans that resulted in tangible improvements in preparedness through progressive, capabilities-based exercises. Through this program, CRA has also provided annual updates to the regional multi-year training and exercise plans and the Commonwealth of Virginia HSEEP Multi-Year Exercise Plan. 

The CRA team has brought these plans to life through the provisions of more than 170 exercises in the Commonwealth focusing on critical all-hazards topics and supporting the design, development, conduct, and evaluation of State-level discussion-based exercises in accordance with HSEEP guidance.  Every year, CRA collects all-hazard policy, legal, and procedural issues throughout the Commonwealth at exercises, from the national policy level, and from real-life emergencies.  These serve as the basis for a tailored mixture of exercise solutions driven by State-level objectives that warrant the attention of the Governor, Governor’s Cabinet, Attorney General, Office of Homeland Security, VDEM, and other State agencies. Each exercise feeds into and collaborates with the next, progressively building capability within the Commonwealth enhancing the overall respond to all-hazards emergencies.

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