CRA partnered for 11 years with the HQMC Plans, Policies, and Procedures (PP&O) Security Division (PS) to prevent, identify, respond to, and mitigate the continually-changing threats posed to the USMC mission. As part of this contract, CRA provided direct support for the development of a biometrics program, where CRA outlined emerging USMC Identity Operations Str ategy 2020 and assisted in the Combat Development and Integration Division the Biometric capabilities.

CRA also supported USMC in strategic planning, operational planning, CONOPS planning, training, exercises, and coordinated the design, planning, execution, and evaluation of All Hazards exercises to enhance USMC installations plans, policies, procedures and operations in the areas of AT/FP/CIP/CBRNE/EM, and Homeland Defense (HD)/Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA). Our analytical support has included review of the Joint Publication 3-07.2 Antiterrorism, DoD Directive 2000.12 DoD Antiterrorism Program. All exercises were compliant with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and all exercise team members were HSEEP-trained.

CRA has also provided support to and assisted with development and/or review of concept plans, Marine Corps orders, strategic plans, DoD doctrine and instructions, and policy for HQMC. We have also provided force protection subject matter expertise and administrative support to assist HQMC in the Marine Corps Planning Process. Moreover, CRA assisted HQMC in the development of guidance to establish a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) preparedness program for emergency responders at all USMC installations. Finally, we also prepared white papers, drafted policies, technical reports, and briefings, and analyzed gaps in various USMC programs.