As national models to combat crime and terrorism continue to evolve, CRA’s support to law enforcement has expanded to currently include the provision of contracted criminal analysts, watch analysts, crime scene investigation (CSI) experts, and ballistics experts. Our full-time law enforcement staff of experts work side by side with state and local clients on all aspects of law enforcement.

Camden County, New Jersey recently contracted CRA to stand up a new capability that manages the collection, analysis, and sharing of tactical criminal information and intelligence in real-time. CRA is currently providing both day and evening shift coverage to support the CCPD Real-Time Tactical Operations Information Center (RT-TOIC), the Strategic Analysis Unit (SAU), and crime scene assessment requirements. The principal mission of the CRA analysts is to support criminal activity watch and warning requirements, as well as produce, assess, and coordinate the use of actionable intelligence to field units. The civilians staffing the RT-TOIC are tasked with monitoring real-time events and developing tactical analysis using open source departmental data.

Providing more of a strategic and intelligence based support, the criminal intelligence analysts and research analysts in the SAU work closely with the investigative bureau and operations. They develop timely intelligence products to support any tactical operations for officers in the field, as well as strategic assessments to support long-term criminal investigations. Also, supporting tactical functions of law enforcement, the crime scene analysts respond as directed to real-time crime events to collect evidence and process crime scenes appropriately. Ballistics are also analyzed in a real-time manner and information is passed to the command staff, as well as intelligence analysts.

Analysts in each of these areas work closely to ensure they have a clear understanding of crime that’s occurring in Camden and are aware of any emerging patterns or trends. Ultimately it is the collective goal of the three units to reduce the rate of criminal activity and to proactively prevent crime. The CRA team has been instrumental in standing up a highly robust capability within a short period of time, freeing up the county’s sworn law enforcement resources to support field activities and ongoing investigations.